Saturday, October 10, 2020

Stewards Animal Free

 Pictured are logo and icon variations, plus the final product for Stewards, a new animal-free, vegan fertilizer that is going to be available soon from the good people at Hope Gardens! Initially, we were going to go with a hand-drawn logo, but eventually settled on using one of the (manipulated) fonts from the good people at House Industries

Stay F. Homekins

 During the Covd-Quarantine, one of the most soothing balms has been Stay F. Homekins, the pandemic podcast hosted by the hilarious husband and wife team of comedian Paul F. Tompkins and Janie Haddad-Tompkins. I was so taken with this weekly bit of distraction that I mocked up two different designs for some of the catchphrases from the show.

More Kalligrafonts

 Some other Kalligrafonts sticker designs, not all used (yet)... 

Art + Autonomy 1980s Flyer

 I absolutely loved doing this faux-flyer emulating a 1980s punk show for NYC salon, Art + Autonomy. You can get this image on various pieces of merch in their Threadless store

Artists & Comics Logo

Rough and final logo designs for Renaissance Woman, Kayt Hester's online show, Artists & Comics (as in comedians, not the funny books)! 


Phantom Power Logo Designs

Unused logo designs for the Phantom Power nightclub in Millersville, PA. 


Romel Hits 50 Poster

 This poster was done for my friend Romel's 50th Birthday Bash, an event that was sadly sidelined by the Coronavirus shutdown. Ugh. The design of this is (obviously) an homage to the cover of the eponymous first 1977 album by The Clash. 

Kalligrafonts Stickers

 In 2019, I rebranded my hand-lettering work under the name Kalligrafonts on Instagram. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not nuts about the name. My family nickname is "Kalli" (pronounced, "Cully," at least in my case), so I wanted to use "Kalligraphy," but that was taken. As were the next five variations I thought of. So, Kalligrafonts it is. As noted to the right, the Instagram page is here. Below is a selection of self-promoting stickers I had printed up, all of which are available on my Etsy page (or, if you buy a piece of original art over there, I throw a couple of these in for free!). 

Best of the Barcade Boards

 This is a sampling of photos of my hand-lettered chalkboard work for Barcade, mostly culled from four posts on the original Tough Guy page (see here for the other four). 

Secret Country, Buckle Up! CD

 In addition to doing the design on Secret Country's Buckle Up!, I also took the photo. Which was fun! Also pictured are alternate logo design and at the bottom is the T-Shirt design for this record.