Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Daily Superman sticker

 Promotional sticker done for my Instagram page, The Daily Superman. Want one? Shoot me a message! But you have to follow me on Instagram, that's the deal, pallie! 

Cheers, Jersey City!

 My first collaboration with Kanibal & Co. in Jersey City, I designed a shot glass (because, hooch!). Here are the finished product and artwork along with the sketches of ideas in progress and variations on the final piece. You can buy it at their store or online here! And watch soon for a tee-shirt collab I just did for them. 

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Strong / Sweet / Smart

This piece was a commission for a dear friend who puts his young son to bed every night with a reminder to try to be these three things, traits that are inherent in the superheroes whose logos are interpreted (I mean, you can kinda swap some of them and it still works, but this one seemed to make the most sense). 

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Steal This Beer / Drink Beer, Think Beer Merch

I recently did some designs for some of journalist / podcasters John Holl and Justin Kennedy's numerous beer-themed podcasts, specifically Drink Beer, Think Beer (which dedicates an episode to Rauchbier every April 1st) and Steal This Beer (co-hosted by Augie Carton of the outstanding Carton Brewing Co.), a podcast for which I used to be the unofficial bartender. 

Pictured with the final designs are some of the works-in-progress, alternate and rejected designs (I thought the Rauchbier label should have some German on it, but in the end we went all-English). You can purchase this limited edition merch here! (Don't tell them, but I used the Rastal Tumbler to drink some Whistle Pig Straight Rye last night, I cheated!)


Friday, March 12, 2021

TV Sound, Pop Persecution CD Cover

As mentioned before, I've done a ton of work for Kearny, NJ's own Killing Horse Records, including numerous album covers for the great TV Sound. Here's their latest release, another hooky slab of Mod-influenced rockers, an EP called POP PERSECUTION. 

Here's the final art (who can name the record label on which the one below is based?) and some prospective T-Shirt logo designs. You can listen to the record here, or order the good ol' hard copy on compact disc here

Friday, February 26, 2021

AJ Lambert, Lonely Songs EP cover design

 Oooh, was it a thrill to be asked to design the cover art for AJ Lambert's LONELY SONGS ep, covering four songs from her grandfather's classic album, FRANK SINATRA SINGS FOR ONLY THE LONELY. After originally releasing the songs digitally in 2018, AJ decided to put out a limited edition vinyl version to coincide with a series of live shows that got canceled by the pandemic. Hopefully the shows will be rescheduled at some point, but in the meantime, you can order the record here

Naturally, I wanted the artwork to likewise be an homage to the cover of the 1958 Capitol Records release (designed by Howard Kim, front cover painting by Nicholas Volpe). The diamond motif was the obvious thing to adapt, but I did for a brief moment toy with the idea of drawing AJ as a clown (a very brief moment). I soon came up with the idea of using ovals instead of diamonds, a softer image I thought befitting of the work. 

As an enormous fan of Frank Sinatra (as well as his lovely granddaughter... oh, and her mother, Nancy, too), being able to add a little bit to the family's recorded legacy was a big deal to me. 

The original inspiration

Monday, February 15, 2021

Tim Winger Business Card

 Final design and process for a business card design for my Renaissance man uncle (he didn't add "generous oenophile" to his résumé on the card, but he easily could have). 

New Tough Guy Stickers

 Two new movie quote stickers are available at the Etsy shop now! Based on quotes from THE EXORCIST and BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, they're the latest in my line of pop-culture-inspired stickers. I've also included the original, hand-drawn art, in which you'll see that I messed up the VALLEY line at first! For some reason, I had it in my head that Z-Man said, "Baby" after "Happening," but I was luckily corrected before I finished the sticker! The funny thing is, I also initially thought that the line from THE EXORCIST was "What a lovely day for an exorcism," but at least I double-checked on that one before I did the art. 

Sunday, January 10, 2021

Tales of the Zombie logo

 This is a hand-drawn reinterpretation of the logo for Marvel Comics' 1970s magazine, Tales of the Zombie. I did this as part of an installment of my comic strip, Prince Street News. To see the full context, click here! Cross-marketing! Or something. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Secret Country, Under the Mistletoe 7"

 I've done more artwork for Kearny NJ's Secret Country than any other band, but this latest work might be my favorite I've done for them. "Under the Mistletoe" is their new holiday single for 2020, including a VERY limited edition vinyl pressing. You can listen / buy on Bandcamp or snag the single at the Killing Horse Records' website

Also pictured here is an alternate version of the title lettering.