Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Skylark Cidery

 Logo and label designed for a friend's cider (sorry, you can't get it unless you know her!). 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

 Logo done for an Instagram series of pictures of various Halloweeny items from my numerous collections. Check it out here... IF YOU DARE!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Walking and Rolling to School with Buster the Bus

My friend, the multi-talented Kayt Hester pulls a day gig at the Hudson Transportation Management Association in New Jersey where she works in pedestrian safety for the younglings. She wrote a book for the kids starring the TMA's mascot, Buster the Bus (one of a number of Buster Buses across the land) and asked me to illustrate it.  Unfortunately, WALKING AND ROLLING TO SCHOOL WITH BUSTER THE BUS is currently only available to Hudson County school children, but it may be given a wider distribution at some point. Here's a selection of pages from the book along with the poster I did to promote it and a photo of the writer and artist in the wild (or, at a bar!). 

Jersey City Flippers poster

This has nothing to do with real estate. Here's a poster done for the New Jersey pinball league, the Jersey City Flippers! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 This commission is outside of my normal purview, but it was also a very personal piece. My aunt (mother's sister) and uncle built this beautiful house in 1979 in the woods and spent the next forty years making it a warm and inviting home for their own family and many, many visitors. In January of 2020, they moved out of the house into a smaller retirement community (which they have already made their own, because that's what they do). For my uncle's birthday, my aunt asked me to collaborate with her on a comic strip style ode to the house they (and I) loved so much. To call this a labor of love is putting it mildly. 

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Daughter of the '70s DENIM placeholder

 The Instagram page, Daughter of the '70s (follow it!) asked me to do a placeholder for their current tribute to all things blue jeans of the Me Decade. Inspired by the Wrangler logo of the era, this has special resonance to me for numerous reasons that I shall not go into here. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Camp Rauchbier T-Shirt

Another super fun project for Beer Edge, a T-Shirt / Sticker design for Camp Rauchbier! It's like a firepit in your mouth! Pictured at top are the final designs, followed by the rough sketch, alternate font choices, and alternate designs. Go get the shirt NOW! It's a limited edition, hurry! If you're looking at this in 2029, you're probably SOL! 

Barcade in Space T-Shirt

Hey, it's another T-Shirt design for the Barcade chain! Most of the locations are now up and running again after the long Coronavirus shutdown, but buying merch is a great way to help a small business out during still-difficult times. So go get one
At top is the final design and below are two of the rejected designs / works in progress. This one took a lot of tweaking to get to the final product. 


Daughter of the 70s Sticker

 Design done for the fantastic Daughter of the 70s Instagram Page. You don't follow them? Up your nose with a rubber hose! Sit on it, nerd! Or, just go and rectify that oversight. 

Screaming Skull Hoodie

 My second collaboration with Kanibal & Co. in Jersey City is this screaming skull design, emblazoned on a lovely gray zip hoodie. Go git one! Pictured here are the final design and two variations.